Sunday, December 8, 2013

Getting Layered Again

I had to work the reception at TAG Gallery on Saturday night, so I tried out a new combination of garments.
Sue Keane and I color coordinated.
Behind us is the work of Ernie Marjoram.
You can barely see it, but I'm wearing my stripe Old Navy sweater dress under the velour dalmatian print tunic.

I tried taking some photos when I got home and failed.
On Sunday, I put everything on again to shoot in daylight.
(Sue made me remove the yellow scarf for our photo above. So bossy!)
Jean, of Dross into Gold gifted me the red cowl scarf on my head and the armlets. She upcycled them from a wool sweater. So clever! I've been wearing them a lot this past week -- thanks Jean!

I designed and made the dalmatian tunic back in the 90s. The fabric is some horrible synthetic (polyester I think) and has major static cling issues. The stripe dress almost solves the problem, but I wish more stripes showed at the hem.
Sadly, this look is not yet ready to wear to work. With wall-to-wall carpeting, the A-line tunic would go body-con.

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Did you get layered over the weekend?
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