Wednesday, December 25, 2013

52 Pick-me-up: Holiday Ornaments and Mixed Metals

Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates!
To everyone else, it's Wednesday, and the 52 Pick-me-up Show goes on.
This week, GET SHINY!
Nothing shiny in your closet? How about accessories? Or look around the house -- your kitchen is FULL of shiny objects! Or steal something from the Christmas tree. Or your goofy New Year's Eve hat (which you can also share on Style Crone's January Hat Attack). Or find some glitter and dump it on yourself. I authorize you to get creative and/or silly!

I will keep the linky up an extra week, so you won't have to fake your New Year's look. Aren't I generous? [No sketch decided until 1/7/14]. Multiple links encouraged. Instagrams, Twitter pix, (hashtag #52pickmeupstyle) -- have at it.

I wore this shiny ensemble to my department luncheon last week (that's called planning ahead):
Wait. You MUST see a close-up of the purse:
I purchased it for $5 at Pic N Save (RIP). Don't you love the ball on the zipper pull? There used to be two, but one of the cats chewed the other one off.
Probably Chuey. He has that name for a reason!
"Who, me? I'm innocent!"
Come on everyone, get your shiny on!