Saturday, December 7, 2013

Digital Catwalk: Jaye

Jaye of Curvatude

Jaye found me on Google+  during the height of my Mug Mania last week. 
She put in a request for a sketch so that she could purchase an art print and a mug.

Here's how I responded:
Sure, I'd be happy to sketch you! Most of my fashion sketches are done from looking at blog outfit posts. I don't exactly copy the photo but interpret the look. You can either point me towards one of your posts or email me a photo. Or even send me a "wish list" look!
When I've got the sketch finished, I'll post it on Society6 and then you order what you want. If you want a product other than the mug, let me know. They all require differently formatted files.
My sketching turnaround will be four days. If you catch me on the weekend, even faster.

This was my first sketch using a more "curvy" drawing template:
Yep, I trace my Digital Catwalk sketches over a nude template. This is how I drew croquis figures back in school and all through my fashion design career.

This is the crazy-looking "supermodel" figure I've been using for my drawings this year:

I'll do a post showing how my fashion sketching has morphed over the years. Maybe next week -- have to dig around and find the old stuff that's pre-digital. Out in the garage. Scary.

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