Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sneak Peek: Josey Girl

I was invited to a blogger preview of the Josey Girl line of pinup inspired active wear.

Being far from model size myself, I appreciated the fact that one of the models was a "normal" sized girl.

Beth Clarke, the designer, was on hand to help present her line:
She explained how she developed the concept from her own needs. Balancing her training for competitive body building with being a mom running errands and trying to find fitness wear appropriate for both worlds was difficult. She craved items that were more modest (covered her butt) and had more fashion flair than basic active wear.
This is Beth's first foray into the fashion industry. I will be interviewing her in early July, when Josey Girl will officially launch. Meanwhile you can follow Josey Girl on Instagram and Twitter @JoseyGirlFit and Facebook at Josey Girl Fit.

The event was hosted by Sylvie de Gil of Jomsy, who helped Beth develop her line, and held at the Seven Times Seven showroom. We were fĂȘted with snacks and live music. I thank everyone for a fun evening!

Note: I was invited to this preview because I'm a member of Two Point Oh! LA
I received no compensation -- monetary or garments. All opinions are my own.