Monday, June 24, 2013

Prison Stripe Stomp

this look is 4/5 menswear:
hat - borrowed from Severo, from 98¢ Depot
tee - gift from Severo, from gig
stripe dress - Old Navy [the only girl item]
leopard socks - Happy Socks, unisex
sneakers - Converse Jack Purcell
This might actually qualify as a tomboy look -- Severo's hat is making me a bit more gamine than usual. I found the tee while I was looking for the Smithereens tee that opened my week of Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Unfortunately, this was "customized" by one of the cats (I blame Lou, but it could have been dear departed Mambo). I soaked it in diluted vinegar for three days, then hung it on the outside line for two, but it still stinks. Boohoo!

It brings back memories of Cavestomp 97, held at Coney Island High on St Mark's Place. Severo flew me out with him to NYC and we stayed with Pat, at his spooky house in Scotch Plains, NJ. The Smithereens must have been a late add, because they're not on the band list on the back of the tee:

Pix from the gig:
Severo and Pat
Severo and Dennis
"I'm with the band"
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