Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Sensual World -- #FotoSensori Art Exhibition + Fundraiser

Greetings from the land of too much fruit in the pantry! No, that is not a euphemism. Severo bought too many mangoes last week and I bought too many nectarines this week. I'll get it all into jars later today, but first a bit of blogging!

At the last minute, my friend Su Pang asked me to join a pop-up art exhibition/ fundraiser that she and Maria Loewenstein hosted last night. The theme was the five senses, the medium photography and the title: FotoSensori.
On Thursday, I sequestered myself in my lair and got the pieces more or less finished. Friday I got them printed and I installed them just before the doors officially opened [after teaching my class at OTIS]. You can see them over on The Glutton.
With Su Pang, photo by Richard S Chow
It was a fun event.

There was food (and drink):
Jen's vegan cupcakes
Bling Bling dumplings
Music (no photos) and a very lively crowd:
Not to forget, a photo booth!

My outfit:
photo by Su Pang
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Visible Monday, here I come!