Sunday, June 9, 2013

Purple Haze

The jacarandas are blooming late this year, so I was enveloped in a cloud of purple for my birthday, which was last Tuesday. Today, I'm eating my last piece of ube birthday cake, which is also purple, and I'm enjoying every delicious bite. To make things more festive, I donned my trippy daisy/houndstooth shirtwaist dress.
"As the daisy is rising, the houndstooth peels away..." [intoned through a mic with lots of reverb]
The dress can no longer be worn out in public -- too many random holes (perhaps nylon DOES disintegrate!). It's a treasure that I picked up from Larry, back in the 90s. I'm thinking its vintage is late 60s?
The cake, which Severo got me hooked on, is a Filipino concoction from Red Ribbon Bakery. Ube is purple yam, better known as taro. The cake also has macapuno (baby coconut) and is topped with Asian-style whipped cream frosting.

I will now float over to Patti's Visible Monday. Wanna join me?
Patti is celebrating her 100th Visible Monday post. What a grand achievement!