Wednesday, June 19, 2013

52 Pick-me-up: Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

The Boyfriend or Tomboy look is very popular right now, The idea is to wear masculine ("Boyfriend") clothing, maybe mix it up with feminine touches. This is nothing new, it's a style chestnut. Chanel took men's sailor jerseys and pants and built her empire from those. Madonna donned men's boxers as outerwear in Desperately Seeking Susan and a trend was born. I've been wearing men's jeans since the 70s, as discussed in this old post. And think of all the women we've seen in a crisp white classic men's buttondown shirt.

For my look today, I thought I'd wear a band tee. The band that my boyfriend is in!
ooooh, nice bedhead, SpyGirl!
This required some scavenging. The shirt was not in the active "small tee" drawer. So I looked in the "too small but I still like it" box. In the process, I found the Mexican tourist skirt (in the "to fix" box). [I was wondering where I'd put that!] Note that all these boxes are in the middle of the livingroom and have been for months. I got distracted from my massive closet sorting, and, frankly, it's not all that much fun. The drawback (aside from having to navigate around them) is that I can't complain about Severo's heaps in the kitchen until I put them away. No, I'm not going to share a visual. You can only imagine!

Do share your interpretation of Boyfriend/Girlfriend below. You can even post more than once if you have a few versions. Please no more than six! And no repeats of the same outfit!
And, dudes, it's not just for the ladies --  I'd love to see you men out there try some girlfriend stuff!