Tuesday, June 18, 2013

52 Pick-me-up: 52 Ways to Remix Your Closet

my closet, captured in a candid moment
A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? In a style rut?

In case you hadn't noticed, I approach my wardrobe like an artist does her palette -- my garments are my "paints" and I mix them up in all sorts of ways.

So I made a list of closet remixing prompts from an artist's point of view: 

  1. Boyfriend/girlfriend
  2. Complementary colors
  3. Red/white/blue/black
  4. Floral bouquet: mix your florals with…
  5. Go with the flow: long, loose, and drapey
  6. Choose your shoes first. Then get dressed.
  7. 70s
  8. Fruit salad: peach/orange/lemon/lime
  9. Wear the same garment 3 ways during the week. Will anyone notice?
10. Stripes
11. 80s
12. White it out
13. Fill your favorite mug (or tea cup) with your morning brew. Now dress to coordinate.
14. International relations: wear garments from two different countries
15. 90s
16. Texture salad
17. Tone poem: mix a bright and a berry tone
18. Put your accessories on first. Now get dressed.
19. MROW! Leopard/cheetah/tiger
20. [Paint it] black
21. Graphic tee and girly bottom
22. Analogous colors
23. Trend salad*-- wear as many trends as you can IN ONE OUTFIT.
24. Blue hues
25. Dance of the seven veils – how many layers can you pile on?
26. Plaids -- two or three or... 27. Royal purple flush
28. Mixed metallics
29. You have not worn it for a year. Now is the time.
30. Pantone color of the year [any year]
31. 10s – 1910s or 2010s
32. Choose a scarf. Wear those colors.
33. Short over long
34. Lots of dots
35. In the pink
36. Dress like your favorite cocktail
37. 20s
38. Locate your craziest socks. Now build an outfit.
39. Get green
40. Geometrics
41. 30s
42. I pity the [April] fool: Mr T is your fashion muse
43. Yellow fever
44. Woodland creature – dress like a tree
45. 40s
46. Wear something back to front
47. Something that was your Mom’s
48. 50s
49. Long over short
50. Uptight/alright: wear that thing that’s a little too small
51. Pattern max -- how many can you wear at the same time?
52. 60s

And then I thought, wouldn't it be fun to see what others do with the same prompt? As a weekly theme with a linky for sharing? Starting tomorrow, this will become a regular Wednesday gathering. I'll post the prompt for the week on Wednesday morning and you'll have through the following Monday at 11:55 Pacific time to add your link.
I'll sketch and post my favorite look on Tuesdays.

Tomorrow, the fun begins with "Boyfriend/Girlfriend"

This post was initially inspired by IFB Project #100: "Write a List Post"
*I got the term "trend salad" from GOMI.

I'll format the above list into some handy PDFs tomorrow. Do we want a special badge? SpyGirl, what a silly question. OF COURSE we want a badge!