Monday, February 4, 2013

2/4 is #WorldCancerDay

Today is World Cancer Day and I am here to dispel Myth 3: "Cancer is a death sentence."
You see, 6/2/2010 I was diagnosed with Stage IIIc breast cancer with a tumor bigger than a walnut.
It is now gone and I AM VERY MUCH ALIVE! 
So promising are all the gene-based protocols being developed.
My tumor was HER2+
Herceptin lowered my recurrence odds from 90% to 20%.

I found out about the World Cancer Day initiative through Fat Mum Slim's 365 project.
Chantelle is now designating one day a month to bringing awareness to a cause.
The prompt for today's photo is HOPE.

Here is my pictorial hope:
"Get those mammograms ladies!"
Please join in, whether you
• photograph your take on "hope" (use #fmsphotoaday),
• bust a cancer myth on twitter (use #worldcancerday),
• offer support to a victim or caregiver (there are many many ways beyond monetary),
• take a private moment to think of a loved one who has been affected by cancer
(I'm sure you know someone, if not yourself).

As Michael Sieverts, my Qi Gong teacher says during our practice:
"Cancer be gone. You are not wanted here."

Read more about my cancer battle on Caring Bridge.
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