Monday, February 25, 2013

Inspired by the #OSCARS and Robin Roberts

I performed an experiment yesterday: I "Live Sketched" the OSCAR telecast!

Starting at around 2:45 PST, I planted myself on the couch, tuned into ABC.
I had paper, my old Barbie croquis figure, markers, and colored pencils.
During commercials or boring parts, I shot photos of my work as it progressed, and posted via Instagram to Facebook and Twitter. (I've provided my webstagram link in case you want to see the roughs).
I'll do a post with all my sketches on Wednesday (I still have to scan and clean them all).

Here's a teaser -- Robin Roberts, who was interviewing the stars as they walked the red carpet.
I thought Robin was absolutely radiant. And the moment when she was interviewing Halle Barry? OMG, I got goosebumps. Two beautiful, strong women. I sat there, mesmerized, gawping at the TV, trying (and failing) to shoot photos of them with my phone.

I think Robin's royal blue/purple gown entered my subconscious. I had actually composed an entirely different post for today. But I was compelled to wear my purple tights and my striped sweater dress and the rest developed from that.
So, as my tee says, "Have a Nice Day"!

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