Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crazy Quilt -- Levi's Cotton Denim

It took me a while to get some Levi's 501s, maybe because "everyone" wore them.
[Once I put them on,] They immediately became my favorite jeans for years.

I wore this combo of a boy's size 14 white crew neck tee with the 501s for my College of Creative Studies (UC Santa Barbara) exhibition announcement. The show was held in my last semester of school -- I quit after Junior Fall quarter to move to NYC with DEF to become a Famous Painter (DEF was going to write the next Great American Novel).

I had a great time posing in different locations around the campus with a CCS folding chair (they had a very specific brown metal folding model with a padded seat). Here follows a little tour of some spots on the UCSB campus with me and my folding chair:
outside CCS art studio
on the side of a building with 5 doors (not CCS bldg)
the outside patio of the cafeteria
by the lagoon
in the Pacific -- love the water skier!
the final show announcement