Sunday, February 17, 2013

V-Day Shenanigans

Remember how I was kvetching about not getting comments on my outfits at work?
It took this! I snagged THREE!
Some thought it was for Chinese New Year.
Some guessed correctly that it was for Valentine's.
I wore this on Wednesday (2/13) because I don't go into the office on Thursday,so the confusion is understandable.
The Lucky tee is very old and getting faded.
I got the Chinese jacket in San Francisco's Chinatown.
I have not seen this style jacket in either LA or Hong Kong (circa 2004). Believe me, I have looked!
Here I am, sitting in my car at lunch.
Like my smiley blankie in the background? That's my sun shade.
Oh yes, FCC guidelines require that I say my sunglasses frames are c/o DITTO.
The prescription certainly wasn't c/o -- it cost me $650!!!
A close up that I Instagrammed. The necklace was made from a Slinky!
I got it at the Santa Monica Art Museum gift shop - they no longer carry them.
It didn't last on my neck all day. It started to drive me crazy.
The skirt was a dress in the morning. I hacked off the top as I put my ensemble together.
So much better as a skirt.
WOW! You get a close-up of the "torture" clogs and the pom pom socks.
The clogs I bought in a shopper's frenzy to wear to the Lucky FABB West last April.
They are too tight. This is the second time that I've worn them.
I deliberately sat at my desk all day and didn't fetch any color printouts.
Vickie gave me the socks from her church resale shop in Providence, RI.
I think they go great with the clogs. I was hoping they'd help stretch them out.
How about that? Head to toe info! I was a proper Fashun Blogger today!
All I'm missing are RED LIPS!

Don't miss the action over on Patti's Visible Monday!
How much red and/or pink will we see this week?

Speaking of Patti, she had a contest and I was the winner!
I let you know what I think of it after I try it out.