Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mimic Moment -- Texture Story

Two Birds do an Inspiration Monday meme.
Every Wednesday, they post an inspirational photo and one gets a week to ponder how to interpret the look.
I enjoy it -- it encourages me to shop my closet, to find new combinations that I wouldn't have considered on my own.
I usually test run my ensemble on Sundays, when I shop local at the farmers market.
Mondays, the linkup page goes live.
I think my process of how I start with the look, then make it my own is something fun to share.
the inspiration for monday, february 11: dianna agron
rugged jacket - check
grey A-line sweater dress - smiley tank dress worn backwards and too tight (oh dear)
dark tights - check
moto boots - chunky fornarino boots
the grey dress had to go so wore my velour dress instead - same silhouette
hat needed as well
dress too short, needed a skirt - the SUNO skirt is perfect
and the diamond weave pashmina plays nice with it
yummy textures
my spoils from the farmers and Japanese markets
I was so happy with my mix, I wore the dress, scarf, skirt and tights
to work the next day. Switched out the coat and boots.