Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tech Tip: Using Google Images Search with Pinterest

"Curator : one who has the care and superintendence of something; especially : one in charge of a museum, zoo, or other place of exhibit" [Mirriam Webster online] Curators in a museum or gallery setting are always concerned with the provenance (history) of the pieces in an exhibition.
I would like to propose this same level of care when using social curation sites, such as Pinterest. It may take some extra time, but I think it is only fair to the photographers, craftspeople, bloggers, etc that created the original content.

How? Use Google Images!
note: you need to see that little camera icon at right edge of search box
if you don't see one, your browser is too old, this tip won't work
First, check to see what URL the image jumps to
(all Pinterest images are supposed to link back to their origin -- unless they were uploaded directly from the Pinner's computer)
Clicking on the image above was a dead link:
So, if the link is bad, it's time to do some detective work.
There is a reason I'm called SpyGirl!

Click down on the image you like and drag it to the Google Image search box.

Here's what came up in my Image Search:
Click through until you find the image.
(Sometimes this goes only to the top level of a blog -- disheartening because you'll have to scroll a lot*).

Copy the URL

It is now time to Repin and curate responsibly!

After hitting Repin:
Choose your Pinboard + hit "Pin It"
An image of your Pinning source will appear, choose "See it now"
Hit the Edit button:
Paste in the correct URL that you found during your Google Image search in the Link section
Hit Save Pin.
You are now a trustworthy curator! Yay!

If you're feeling especially anal, return to the source of your Pin, and add a comment, pasting in the same URL:
I got this, because it's a link:

So I removed the "http://" and replaced the dots in the URL
*If that's "too much" for you, at least have the correct URL on your own Pin.
*If you "don't have time" for all of this, may I suggest "Liking" the Pin instead of Repinning it?

I'd like to credit the catladies at GOMI for teaching me this trick.

Here's a humorous piece about the new usage of the term "Curate" written by ALEX WILLIAMS for the NY Times on 10/2/09