Sunday, January 13, 2013

Feeling Plaid Magic

This skirt resurfaced while I was digging through the repair pile.
It has waistband issues (bad elastic) and I wanted to turn it into a tent dress.
I made a start on Saturday.

First, I wore it as a skirt when I went to buy ribbon so I could match colors.
(twirling is serious business, dontcha know)
Then I did one of my safety pin "sewing" jobs to position the grosgrain ribbon straps.
No, I did not yet sew it. I wore it like that to a Group Show at my gallery.
I topped it all with my leopard swing coat.
(no twirls, so sorry)
Here I am at the gallery, coordinating with a painting by Ellen Starr.
It's a still life of her husband's magic gear. I felt magic standing adjacent.

Go see what Patti's Visible Monday gang are up to -- I'll be there.