Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Prison Stripes

I wore my new prison stripes dress today:
Sweater dress from Old Navy -- on sale for $8
I wasn't feeling all that great this morning. I could tell a cold was coming on.
I went in to work anyway. I'm a part timer and punch a time clock. No paid sick days, holidays, or vacation, no benefits. I'm OK with that, I can take off whenever I want and can work at home (more like take stuff home and procrastinate).

There IS something that makes me crabby: the salaried co-workers (who all have paid sick days), coming in all sick and germy in order to "save" their sick days for later in the year. Thanks a lot for the cold! Now I get to spend my days off in bed! WooHoo!

By 12:15, I'd finished all pending projects so decided to go home.
The traffic was horrid.
I'm a prisoner of the time clock.