Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crazy Quilt -- Cotton Blend Rib Knit

I got this purple maxi at Lord & Taylor in the Garden State Plaza, Paramus, NJ. Going to the mall was a big deal then - we lived out in the country far away from department stores [in Dutchess County in upstate NY]. I eventually shortened this [to a below-the-knee length].
At a 4th of July party. Yikes! Hello, Morticia!
Wish this was bigger -- alas, my mom scanned it low rez.
I searched high and low for the photo album,
but had no luck in finding it.
The shortened version, at my art exhibition in 1980 at AnyArt, Providence, RI, with my Dad.
I like how we have mirrored poses here. I am my father's daughter in so many ways.