Friday, January 18, 2013

Abundance: My Closet Runneth Over

Resolving to start anew and trying to create new habits does not need to be limited to a day of the year or even the month of January. It's OK to start any time, though the new calendar year lends itself to this sort of thing.
before reorg
Last year, I made a major overhaul to my office, which also functions as my closet. In a burst of wild energy, I reorganized the placement of furniture and storage bins, removed piles of papers, garments, and fabrics, (sort of) culled my closet, and started arranging stuff where I could see it (and hence, use it).
after, upper left shelf
And then, as summer waned into fall, my energy faded. The heaps now reside in the living room (and elsewhere).
But, no need to call the A&E Hoarders team yet! I PROMISE that I'm going to get my stuff organized!
The donation pile gets bagged and released next Wednesday FOR SURE THIS TIME!

Following are some approaches to dealing with what you need and what you already have:

• The title of this post was inspired by Sharon, of Focus On Style, who offers 10 Abundant Style Matras.

• Patti, of Not Dead Yet Style, wrote a great series: Identify Your Signature Style.

• Heather, of The Style Confessions, evaluates the state of her closet.

• Pao, of Project Minima, began an admirable project to not purchase anything for a year but instead repurpose items at hand. She is now on her 3rd year! I think this is the best tactic for me. Here is her initial manifesto with progress reports.

• Bella, of Citizen Rosebud, is encouraging us all to Shop Second Hand First.

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