Monday, January 21, 2013

Granny Squared, Doubled Down

I REALLY REALLY wanted to go to the crochet workshop with the Yarn Bombing LA group,
hosted by the Craft and Folk Art Museum last Saturday.
I wanted to wear my Granny Square Wrap -- what to pair it with?
Here's a nice eye-catching combo!
Paisley shell did not play well with wrap (sigh).
A tunic was needed...
"Pick me! Pick me!" said the urban/circuitry BW rayon yardage.
[I snagged this when I was a Sample Cutter at Warren Z circa 1985/6]
I actually sewed something! It took less than an hour.
It's one of my famous Rectangle Tunics.
Dimensions are 39.5 x 37.5"
Doesn't the rayon drape in a lovely manner?
I was so excited about my new outfit! This is a look that can go places!
Alas, the auto gods were not in agreement. Car servicing took too long -- it turned into much more than a simple oil change (as is all too common). They weren't going to finish until 3:00 -- the workshop started at 3:30. It would take at least 30 minutes to get to mid-Wilshire and find parking -- not to mention the two mile walk to the mechanic. (I suppose I could have started walking at 2pm, didn't think of that until now).

BooHoo - a brand new outfit and no place to wear it!

Sunday, I had to sit my gallery and I tried something more toned down:
This is my idea of toned down. Hahahahaha.
BTW, like my new haircut? I'm aiming for a rockabilly look.
That's a yes!
I was SO HAPPY in this! I wore it for the rest of the day for my hot AnneSeverosary [anniversary] date with Mr Severo.
On my hips is a Desigual skirt, unzipped with the waistline facing exposed.
I got it last year on sale in NYC. It's too small and short, I wear it over other things.
(The ikat scarf was for photo only -- it's super itchy and needs a fleece liner).

Keep on being visions of loveliness, my friends!
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