Sunday, October 18, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Sun / Miracle / Reward

Ah, forgive me while I have a yellow meltdown.
[see more of this mess on The Glutton, where I'm still documenting my decluttering process] 
It's the start of seven weeks of yellow tones here on 52 Pick-me-up.
The colors are named by Tori Hartman for her Chakra Wisdom Oracle. [links here]
The interpretations are my own.
Here's what I decided back in June:
Sun, Topaz, Sunflower, Lemonade, Canary, Bronze, Gold  
This week our prompt is Sun Yellow. How is that different from Canary?
Here's what Tori says: Sun Yellow is the brightest and boldest. Canary Yellow is yellow in its purest form.

OK, so I still have four weeks to get something sewn up in my 90's yellow, black, and red plaids:
The item on top is a sweater that I'm going to turn into a skirt.
The other two are both woven yardage, the middle has spandex added.
That leaves me with the Sun Yellow jingle jangle skirt, which I still haven't decided what to do with.
Here it is, as a skirt, in days of yore:
With the famous Traveling Yellow Skirt!
"It makes a lovely bed"
"But I like the plaids more."
Yes, Mel's "Miracle" Traveling Freak Show Skirt is Sun Yellow.
Have you taken a spin with it?
Leave your link below, if you have.
If you haven't, contact Melanie. [The instructions are over on this page]. It is SO REWARDING!

Sun / Miracle / Reward -- link and tell!