Friday, October 23, 2015

Party On at UNIQLO

UNIQLO, the Japanese fast fashion chain, is opening some new stores today. 
UNIQLO Chicago's opening is being hyped online.
LOOK! Free shipping all weekend!

Last night I ventured down to the Del Amo Fashion Center for the UNIQLO Torrence pre-opening party.
Live DJ!
Wakame Salad in mini cups! (My dinner).
Deep discounts!
What was in my shopping bag?
Men's HeatTech Crew, Women's Airism Tank, Navy Tights, Men's Dry Tee in Aqua (not online, unless it's the Green)
The flannel shirt was too small (sad face), but I checked online while composing this post, and SCORE! Same for the TARDIS blue "dry" tee (which they only had in XS-L instore).

And what was originally in that $1 display?
SEVEN pairs for ONE DOLLAR!!!!!
[Hey Marlita on my left. Even just your fraction of your face is flawless!]
Can you believe that I debated whether to get these? That damn decluttering project.
It was fun running into Marlita, of Marlita On the Run and her friend at the event.
We were there until closing.

Then things got grim.

Word of warning -- don't stay inside the mall past 8:45.
I couldn't retrace my steps through Macy's to get to my car.
I had to go outside the mall.
I got totally lost and wandered around A LOT -- make that A LOT of LOTS.
Not fun. Scary even.
Del Amo is huge and everything looks the same in the dark.
Single woman wandering around in the dark, random dudes lurking in dark corners, construction crews...
Seriously, I had to use my phone's GPS to locate where I had parked.
Hello car! So glad to finally find you! Glad that I remembered that I parked near Sears.
Anyhow, this weekend is definitely the time to stock up on basics at UNIQLO.
From the comfort of your home.
Unless you want to try your luck finding ONE DOLLAR SOCKS!

Disclosure: I was invited to the store preview. The salad was free. Everything else I paid for.