Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Have a Happy Sunshiny Day

My mad hunt for yellow had me thinking about smiley faces.
Not only do I have a good amount of smiley tees:
I have a collection of smily stuff, mostly displayed in the bathroom.
A very small section of the collection. 
It may not be the Smiley Face Museum, but it's close!

Here is the purple smiley tee, Severo found in NC -- it advertises a club in Atlanta, the "Have a Nice Day Cafe"
This is the back
What adult wears a smiley tee to work? Raises hand.
With a bodycon dress? Raises hand.
Purple leggings? Why yes, I did.
And tie-dye print scarf? Thank you Bella.
And matching socks!!!!! (They were 99¢ at Jack's in NYC)

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Plus, SUNSHINE YELLOW, yo. "Have a nice day!" :-)
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