Sunday, May 31, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Queen Anne's Lace

Robert Wallace Queen Anne's Lace [source
It's a flower power week again, Queen Anne's Lace is our muse.
Do I own anything white and lacy? No.

I rummaged around and put this disheveled mess together.
Sorry, too lazy to press out the wrinkles.
It will not be leaving the back yard!
"Why," you ask?
The huipil (tunic) was pulled from my pile of "art studio" garments.
That's the place where the stained or holey-yet-still-comfortable clothes go.
This is so frayed at the neck and shoulders, I'm not even sure some boro style patching would remedy it. Maybe I'll cut it down and make a new neckline. The fabric has a nice open mesh weave and it's super soft. I got both the huipil and the rebozo (scarf) in Oaxaca in 1982.
Then I'm wearing another pair of shoes pulled from storage in the garage. I had quite the cache in there!
These were already uncomfortable in the short walk from the dining room to outside.
I think these will make a trek to my Poshmark Closet.

Anything in your closet white and lacy? Link and tell!