Tuesday, June 2, 2015

TARDIS Tuesday X Crazy Legs

It's Maricel's ::My Closet Catalog:: TARDIS Tuesday today.
Yesterday, I put this very LOUD pattern mix together and since there is a bunch of TARDIS blue in the mix, I'm linking up.
The very special aspect of this ensemble is, it's a newer brighter better interation of the Crazy Legs!
Remember the custom tights from two years ago?

They just weren't bright enough.

When Society6 started offering leggings, I knew exactly which prints I'd utilize.
(You can see the initial three choices here on my Pattern blog or the current array here on my Society6 pattern shop).

I ordered XL, because of my waist size, and they aren't super tight.
From the knees down, they fit more like the bottom of Indian Churidar pants.
I adore them! Now I'm pondering what prints to do next.
Probably some sort of mosaic-looking pattern in a rainbow of colors that I can use to color match.
Like this:
Pantone Coated Color Chart (1 yard)
Design by Heather Dutton [source]

FULL DISCLOSURE: Society6 compensates me about $5 per pair of tights sold. Thanks for your support!