Saturday, May 2, 2015

SpyGirl Visits LA's Exposition Park

The Natural History Museum has a First Friday event that is lots of fun. 
Dez and I went last night to see one of our favorite bands, Kinky. 
They played in the Hall of North American Mammals!
Meanwhile, over in the other Mammal Hall (African?), there were drinks and a DJ.

Our tickets (only $18!) allowed us access to the museum. Since we had arrived super early, we explored and found a great exhibit, "Grandes Maestros" a collection of folk art on loan from the collection of Fomento Cultural Banamex
Jaguars in clay by Juana Gomez Ramirez
Pedro Ortega Lozano, Nativity scene alterpiece (detail), Metallic paper, fabric, metallic thread on sheet wood, 2000
The "metallic paper" is candy wrappers!
Jesus Urbano Rojas, Box with Ayacucho customs, 2009
Cut and polychromed wood, figures made of chalk and potato paste
Argh. Didn't get the info on these.
Huipils! I want them all!
Look! A scarf with feathers! Cannot escape the scarves!
Cecelia Bautista Caballero, Cotton and feather woven on backstrap loom, 2011
The "Grandes Maestros" exhibition is up until 9/13/15.

Check my Instagram for other shots, including photos of the Endeavour. We had a blast!

The last First Friday of the 2015 season is June 5th. Tickets ($20) and info here.