Friday, May 15, 2015

SpyGirl at the Otis Benefit Fashion Show, Part 2

There will be three parts to this saga. I'm rolling it out (very) slowly!

The Otis Benefit Fashion Show happened on May 2, at the Beverly Hilton.
I've made it a thing to lurk at the step-and-repeat photo area prior to the evening show
(in Part 1 I wrote about attending the afternoon rehearsal).
It's a great people-watching opportunity and I sketch the VIPs!
Kendra Bollenbach and Joan Ransohoff 
The McKnight family, framed by photographers Kai He/The LA Fashion and David Crotty/PatrickMcMullan 
Paul Wilson, Alaina Wilson, Liz Evans, Brian Evans
Jonathan Skow and Trina Turk
Peter Lai and Rosemary Brantley (chair of the Otis Fashion Dept)
In Part 3 I will show my sketches, cleaned up -- don't hold your breath waiting for this!
I'll document my progress on Instagram and Twitter.