Sunday, May 17, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: On Broadway

We had a stellar Stripes Week last week! Thank you everyone for linking.
This week is more of a challenge. Create an outfit inspired by the theater or Broadway.
(Oh, what was I thinking last June?)

I'm choosing Cats. I've never seen Cats, though I certainly know about it!
So while Googling to get more intel, I discover "Memory":

Today I'm having a "Yart" (yard + art) sale and while rummaging for stuff to sell, I found all sorts of old treasures.
I was ready to settle on just posting the photo above, but, inspired by the costume in the video, I thought "What if I turn the jacket inside out?" And there were my VERY WIDE jeans (which fit!) in another pile, and the brown Sketchers platforms, and something to "rave" about developed.
"Hello 90s!"
The furry hat is going in the $5 box, the rest I think I'll keep!

Where will exploring the limelight take you? Link and tell!
Visible Monday is on this week, I'll be strutting my visible stuff on over later today. Here's the link.
Also linking with Maricel's TARDIS Tuesday, because Kezzie says I'm a Cheetah Person.