Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Duro Olowu x JCP Shirt Goes for Its Audition

Remember Jan in her Duro Olowu shirt?
[Jan won the "longest legs" prize in the April sketchathon, btw]

I was entranced by it, but couldn't buy it online ("sold out").
Imagine my glee when Jan said she'd pick me up one when she was next "in town".
Jan lives near Fort Smith, Arkansas so there was lots of Olowu inventory at her JCP.

Eventually, the planets aligned and it arrived on my doorstep.

Next, what to mix it with?
I have matching socks!
I piled some candidates next to it...
Then I tried things on.
#1, the Calvin Klein bubble dress (07 sold as a swim coverup)
with yellow tights -- looks good but problematic:
very warm, dress won't stay in place
#2, 80s neon yellow bubble knit and the socks
I'd probably wear this with burg/brown/black capris or tights added
#3, for giggles, I tried it with my Indian jingle jangle skirt.
Looking a bit lost in all that fabric.
The legs win!

Alas, my right arm is swollen, and the right shirt sleeve is skin tight, so I'll have to wait to wear this. BooHoo! This just might inspire me to get back to taking care of my arm issues. I might think of some other combos in the interim as well!

Jan, thank you again for the shirt! I adore it!

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