Friday, May 3, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

No, I'm not talking about flora here. I'm talking my creativity, which, as Citizen Rosebud says, is "blooming madly"!
On April 1st, I set an intention to sketch a +40 blogger every day, and I did it!
all 30 of my April Digital Catwalk sketches
[click on image to see bigger]
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How did I choose my supermodels for the digital catwalk? 
I started with bloggers that I follow and then followed links in Patti's Visible Monday, +Citizen Rosebud's +40 blog roll, other blog rolls on sidebars, even commenters -- both here and on other blogs.

I made some rules: 
• people over 40
• the outfit had to be the most current post on the day that I sketched it
• the outfit inspired me to sketch (hello personal taste)
• keep the post format simple -- sketch + link to original inspiration
If you weren't sketched, I hope you don't feel dissed. It just wasn't the right time!

Now I'm addicted to sketching while I drink my morning tea, so this blog-love-fest isn't stopping any time soon! Roz, the creator of International Fake Journal Month, wrote a lengthy post about why she started this annual project and the benefits it can have for further creativity. I highly suggest you go read it!

Here's my plan for May -- I'm taking a breather from generating new sketches [as posts -- I'll be sketching like crazy tomorrow at the OTIS Scholarship Benefit & Fashion Show]. I have a huge backlog of line art drawings from various events in March and April. I'm going to color them all in and then post them over in my Society6 shop. When I get an event's sketches completed, I'll do a post with them all.

Will I be posting a "how to" demo? Yes. It'll require a few practice takes, so please be patient.

Are all the April sketches available on Society6? Not as I write this. If you want one, leave a request in the comments here or on the original post.

Will I ever exhibit these sketches? For sure! I'm thinking in early spring 2015 or 16.