Monday, May 6, 2013

Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Fun?

Drink too much, get a hangover.
Dance too hard and get disco whiplash.
Eat too much, have indigestion.
Travel too long and get homesick.
Have an action packed weekend and crave another weekend to recover! 
Saturday, I got my hair cut and styled by Jessica K at Floyd's Mar Vista.
She's been working with my hair for over two years.

I then went to the afternoon rehearsal for the OTIS Scholarship Benefit Fashion Show.
I have yet to sort through my 200+ photos of that.
I stayed on after the post-show cocktail party to live sketch the VIPs
as they posed on the step and repeat before the evening show
(see previous post).
My hair got kind of crazy, all on its own.
Sunday -- same outfit, different venue: the Los Lobos Cinco de Mayo Festival at the Greek Theater.
Dez and I had tickets for the orchestra pit. That meant standing -- for hours.
Back to slicked down hair.
Fiesta Mexicana opened the show on the main stage and performed between sets.
Mickey Lespron of El Chicano and Carlos Reyes on violin
Los Lobos
Los Super 7
The persistent drizzle during the last hour.
A good review of the show, from which I got some of the bands' info.

Adding a late check in to Visible Monday -- thankful that Patti keeps musicians' hours with her linky!