Sunday, May 5, 2013

The OTIS Scholarship Benefit Fashion Show: Sketching Joan Dangerfield

SpyGirl was caught in action at the OTIS Scholarship Benefit Fashion Show!
[source, Patrick]
I had another session of live sketching last night.
All I can say is, thank goodness for the photographers at the Step and Repeat!
I relied on them last year to catch IDs of people that I sketched. So I knew I could use them this year too and didn't take many reference photos -- [sorry gentlemen, I forgot your names... I got your cards, but they seem to have vaporized].

Why am I so grateful?
Here is version one of Joan Dangerfield, with color:

Here is the final:

A subtle difference -- I thought Joan's gown had chiffon at the waist and sleeves. But after checking the photos, it realized it was all velvet. So much for my "photographic" memory!

Joan wanted to buy the sketch then and there. I asked her to wait so I could color it in.

All the fuss with the shooting me with the muses and the sketches kept pulling me out of my "drawing brain". So I became furtive and stopped sharing what I was doing. I even sketched one of the photographers, to practice a male drawing. They'll all slowly appear on Society6, like all the other sketches in the coloring queue.

More posts on the fashion show in the days to come -- stay tuned!