Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Art Crawl: OTIS 2013 Senior Show

I attended the massive Senior Show at OTIS last week.
After a bit of socializing with fellow alumni and industry peers, I explored the Fine Arts building.

My two photos of student work both involve altered photographs.
Mona Sheybani, ink jet print on translucent paper, light box
image an enlargement of an altered 35mm slide
Paul Ulukpo, folded pigment print, wooden frame, plexi
The galleries were situated in the [cleaned up] senior studios.
I was enthralled by this vestige of wall art. Was it an installation? Definitely looked deliberate.
I loved this treatment on the side of the Galef Center building --
playing with the "punch card grid" of the Ahmanson Hall building
(which you can see reflected in the windows).
I then went over to the Ahmanson Hall building and went directly to the Communication Arts floor.
There was a lot of cool environmental alteration which caught my attention.
The lockers were covered with post its. Lockerness completely camouflaged!
Look at these painted stools!
Then mother nature drew me to the window...
[still searching for grad's ID]
I had to get out there -- nature won.
I was conveniently parked on the roof of the garage. I took many panoramic shots.
Here are two:

Apologies to the grads for bailing!