Sunday, April 28, 2019

Meeting With Ostriches

After our poppy gazing at the Antelope Poppy Reserve (story here),
Anita, Nancy, and I visited Quail Run Ostrich Ranch in Lake Hughes.
photo by Anita
This guy in the foreground is very feisty and is used as a "guard" against predators.
Did you know that ostriches can easily kill coyotes, bobcats, and such? No, neither did I!

Check out their feet! If I remember correctly, they kick/claw their victims.
Kinda gives you that Jurrasic Park vibe, right?
The owners gave us a great talk about ostriches "from egg to table", explaining their evolution, physiology, temperament, and their amazing immune system. [I didn't take notes, and don't remember much. Sigh.]

Why is there a wing in the dirt in the photo above?
That ostrich is doing her sexy lady dance!
Shake it!

Here's the male. He's still a teen and a bit awkward. His moves need some work. video by Anita

Photobombed by four birds -- strike a pose! photo by Anita
We all got bottles of the Pure Ostrich Oil.
It's amazing. I've been slathering it on my neck, face, and hands.
Available at the ranch's Gift Shop or from Natures Edge Ostrich Oils
Have you seen an ostrich up close?

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