Sunday, August 14, 2016

December Over-40 Blogger Meetup and Artwork

18 of you kindly signed up for the LA December 2-4 Meetup newsletter. I'm finally writing sending the first one out today! Hotel info is in it (thank you Pao!) plus more or less the same "schedule" as this post I wrote last month (which I didn't locate until after I'd written the newsletter. Sigh.)
If anyone is concerned about getting bombarded with email newsletters -- you can put those fears to rest now. You are also welcome to sign up even if you know that you can't make it. If you're on the newsletter list, you get benefits!
(Do I know what they are? Ha. Not saying).

Sign up here:

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Meanwhile, back in the "studio"...

Next to my keyboard is this disheveled mess:
In the digital realm, it is much more organized:
I am having the above portraits (and more) printed at 6 x 4" with an acrylic coating.
I plan to have at least 54.
My first test run:
SJ gave me a great hanging suggestion to use Command Hanging Strips, which deploy a strong velcro-like grip system with an adhesive backing. (If you click on the link, you will see MC Hammer. I kid you not! I'm not trying to get affiliate click$$$, promise!)

I found a jumbo pack of them at Costco on Friday:
I'm testing them out on my dirty untreated wall and so far, so good.