Friday, August 12, 2016

#tbt Summer Sunglasses

Doesn't this photo from 1993 say everything there is to say about summer?
Reading a book on the beach, wind-blown sea-salted hair, happy relaxed smile.
The location is Watch Hill, RI. The book is "Morgan's..." [something from the canon of English literature -- can't ID]. Granted, the the book isn't your typical beach read, I probably found it on the shelves at the rental.

Here's another:
Summer 1982 at Jone Pasha's home in Jamestown, RI, watching the Tall Ships sail up Narragansett Bay.
(If I ever locate the rest of the photos from that party, I'll write another post about it).

I still have those sunglasses! And their sibling!
I got them from an optometrist who was located on Thayer Street in Providence.
He had an amazing collection of vintage frames.

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