Sunday, July 24, 2016

Striped Rejuvination

This piece of green-striped rayon has been through several sartorial permutations.
I'm too hot and grumpy to search for a photo of it's first incarnation today. 
Maybe I'll add it later -- it was a strappy empire waist undergarment for an olive green poufy skirt that I wore with a red Chinese dragon print corset-style top. Or maybe I'll sketch it for you. Later. 

Next, I turned it into a tunic and wore it. A lot.
Oh look, that's when I had pansies next to the metal tub!
And the old favorite clog-style mules!
(I just grabbed the first photo that popped up).
It was starting to irritate me this summer. I want to wear as few garments as possible and the narrowness of where it hit on my arms was NOT GOOD.
Layering was not going well, it was too long:
So in one of my trying to get an outfit for the day frenzies, I ripped 7" off the hem:
Aaaaah. Better proportions. AND NOW I had fabric to use for sleeves!
Yay me!
You remember my new mission to put sleeves on everything, right? 
This is the third revamp in three months. Slow going -- at this rate, Repair Mountain will recede in maybe five years. Ha.

In addition, new shoes:
Mexican huraches purchased on Olvera St, downtown LA. $22, new! Super comfy!
Linking up with Patti's Visible Monday.
Because hidden biceps and visible knees.