Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer Sunday in Malibu

Fun in the shade at the Malibu Pier! Selfie with Anita, the mastermind of our get together.
[My sunglasses frames are c/o Ditto.] 
It was a Sunday Funday in Malibu with Anita, Elle, Gina, and Laura. We had lunch at the Malibu Pier Farm Cafe, lounged around on the pier's upper deck, and walked the grounds of the Adamson House (which overlooks the Malibu Lagoon). 
Elle and me inside at the Malibu Pier Farm Cafe.
Beauty shot of Anita in Ranch at the Pier, a cute shop on the upper deck.
She got her Marni purse at a sample sale for only $5!!!

Laura caught me catching her.
Gina, Laura, Anita

Random wedding reception. Nice location, right?
Selfies can be hard work! Photo by Laura.

Anita caught me capturing the scene.
Love how the colors of this doorway at the Adamson House mirror the colors of my Malibu surf shot above it.
Gina views the Malibu Lagoon scene
Laura and me on the terrace of the Adamson House, photo by Anita.
In a hat for Style Crone's Hat Attack!
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It was a fun-filled day with lots of laughs. Next time, we won't do it on a Sunday at the peak of the summer season. OMG, the traffic and the parking were a nightmare!