Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Walk in the Woods

I'm still at my mom's.
It's still gloomy weather.
I'm still wearing the quilted corduroy shirt:
*pink puffed necklace courtesy of Capwell & Co
If I took it off (brrrr) I'd blend right into these woods along my aunt's driveway.
That is, if I lay down like a mossy log:
baby trees!
My scarf has a secret...
ducks in the paisley!
Isn't it a hoot? quack?
Connie, of Snow in the Air, gave it to me when we met up on my first day of the road trip.
She gave me a bag with lots of goodies, the most important being a bottle of water.
Yes, I started a road trip INTO THE DESERT forgetting to pack water.
Doh! Connie came to the rescue! Thanks Connie!

Um, no lack of water here. It has rained for a week. Enough already. I've got ramps to collect.
Captured during the one hour of sun we were allotted on Saturday
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