Wednesday, May 7, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: Wear Something of Your Mom's

Greetings from central upstate NY still.
I'm happy to report that the sun finally made an appearance, so I'm not yet growing moss.

May 11 is Mother's Day here in the States, which is why I created this week's challenge to wear something that was/is your mom's. Very conveniently, I'm currently visiting mine, so I was able to rummage around in her upstairs closets, where she stores things that she no longer wears.
Look what I found!
And this:
Handsewn, probably by my mom
Behind my head are two paintings by my Great Grandfather, Charles M. Frost
He was a doctor and painted as a hobby.
I was very lucky to grow up surrounded by original art.
I'm sure it influenced me!

What do you have that was or is your mom's?
Link and tell!