Monday, May 19, 2014

Are You Ready for "Wear Your Lilly Day"?

Lilly Pulitzer, the brand, has decreed that June 20th is "Wear Your Lilly Day"

Lilly is an iconic preppy brand. I remember tons of friends and relatives sporting her shifts over the years -- Fourth of July parties, summer "dress up" occasions, etc. They were too stuffy for my taste (and probably too expensive for my mom's budget). My grandmother wanted me to wear Lilly in the worst way (as well as those Belgian loafers) but I resisted. I had my own style thing going on -- in 5th grade, I was already sewing my own creations. Yes, I made a-line shifts, but the prints were not the preppie brights of pink, lime, and yellow.

I have a Lilly that I got from Larry a while back. It's WAY too small, and I don't think I want to wear monkeys in coconut trees -- here is a sketch:
sketch available on Society6
And here is a photo:

I'm offering this for sale on Etsy for $48 + shipping. It's a nice hefty cotton seersucker and fully lined.
90's vintage, tagged size 6. Click on this Etsy link to get size specs and see more photos.
Maybe you'd like to add it to your collection!