Tuesday, April 8, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: Finding My Inner Mr T


I've noticed not many of you were not up for the Mr T challenge this past week (¡Gracias, Senora Allnut for your wonderful effort!). Me neither. I think driving over 4000 miles is a good excuse. I'm just going to have to have this challenge again next year -- you have been warned! Yes, indeed, 52 Pick-me-up has been so much fun, I'm dealing a second round. More on that and a call for themes later.


What better place to find my inner T than New Orleans? There are many shiny objects in NOLA, most of them not worth purchasing. So I stood NEXT to them and had Severo take the photos. [Does that make me a "real" blogger now? That I'm getting my significant other to take my photos? Still, it's just with an iPhone. No big gun (fancy DSLR) in my arsenal.]
My c/o *Capwell & Co necklace looks so demure next to all this!
I have my not-very-functional Narrative Clip attached.
Still don't know if any of the NOLA captures came out. Color me disappointed.
Mardi Gras beads are everywhere!
Mr T ree
embedded in the sidewalk
Beads too shiny? How about feathers?
I'm even clutching a coffee cup! Fashion Blogger Realness!
Or shimmery skirts?
All this is reminding me of someone... I'll add a linky for her! I think she deserves to be my Digital Catwalk Muse this week!

So, you have a little over 1/2 a day to post something. Do an arm party (does anyone still do those?), a neck soiree, or a ring orgy, shoot an instagram, add the link. You don't have to write a whole blog post! Simply accessorize to excess and link. GO!

Linking up with the wonderful Patti's Visible Monday.
I got to meet Patti in person a couple of days ago. As sweet in life as she is on the internet!
And her hubby Sandy saved me from the Parking Monster.

Link and tell, PLEASE!