Wednesday, April 16, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: 40s

How is everyone? I read bits of posts here and there, but mostly I'm in my travel pod, the Prius. I'm feeling VERY on the edge, so to speak!
This week's challenge is 40s. I've got nothing fashiony for you. No time to do research, no time to put together a retro outfit. What I CAN offer you are my antics on US40 in New Jersey.
Go 40 on 40
Here, I commit the faux pas of wearing a Kum & Go tee into a Wawa in Malaga NJ.
Apologies for the grimace. It was a difficult selfie.
Here I am looking like a runaway at Shore Toyota in Mays Landing, NJ.
Waiting on an oil change. Not making much progress.
 I pulled the digital gear out of the car, hence the baggage.
ps: awesome WiFi.
My work station in the shade. Too blazing hot on the bench and I left my hat in the car.
As you can see, I went all out in my outfit today. Black logo tee and lounge pants and fake Birkenstocks. My white tunics were interfering with my road captures, reflecting off the windows too much. So I've gone WAY casual.

Have any 40s in your closet? Link and tell!