Tuesday, April 22, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: Dress Like a Tree

Happy Earth Day!
When I was in eighth grade, Earth Day was called Arbor Day and we planted a tree at school (I bet it's huge by now). Many years later, I had a design assignment to sketch an outfit inspired by a tree. I drew a funny pine tree ensemble, complete with a cone-shaped hat (do I still have that sketch? No idea). All this lead me to challenge you to dress like a tree this week.
Take a color scheme, focus on a tree's detail, or there's that woodland camo that I saw in abundance in North Carolina. Have some fun!
Leslie gave me this skirt with an interesting fabric that reminded me of manzanita bark
Manzanita seen in Idyllwild
The gauntlet is thrown! Link and tell!

ps: posted this on Tuesday because of Earth Day. Able to join up with Patti's Visible Monday. Glad I got confused!