Sunday, March 23, 2014

State of the Art

I am swamped with sketches.
I think this is a good problem to have, but I AM frustrated that I don't have time to get them colored and finished. I mean, I have sketches going back to LAST APRIL still to be completed.
(That darn need for income, forcing me to work the day job. Sigh.)
My latest summary in unpainted sketches of the Simply Stylist event didn't look so bad, so I'm going to go through my backlog and get the rest posted event by event. Maybe if I get bored I can work on them during my road trip.
We shall see...

Let's enter the way-back machine and see the unfinished sketches from Lucky FABB West 2013, a Fashion/ Style/ Beauty Blogger conference that was held at the SLS Hotel on April 4-5, hosted by Lucky Magazine. I wasn't invited to buy a ticket, so I lurked outside the conference in the public areas of the hotel. (You can see five completed sketches on the "Fashion Sketches 2013" page, tabbed up top.) I found a good vantage point next to a blogger photo session Lucky Magazine had set up, and sketched the bloggers as they posed for the professional photographer. None of them knew I was doing this.
unknown identity
unknown identity
Sophie of Angel Food Style
Kier of Fashion Addict
Ashley of Side Smile Style
 Rachael of Everything Hauler
Another spot that I lurked was near the front entrance of the hotel.
Recognize  either of these two?


All my sketches were done live with a Pentel brush nib marker.
When I get these sketches painted up in Photoshop, I'll post them in my Society6 SpyGirl portfolio.