Wednesday, March 19, 2014

52 Pick-me-up: 30s

It's 30's Week on 52 Pick-me-up!
It's all about bias cut dresses with lingerie details.
OK, maybe I have some vintage silk chiffon bias cut lingerie camouflaging my 40's dress.
And maybe the shoes are more 50's?
They are beautiful but WAY too small! I'll be selling them on Etsy after my road trip. Leslie gave them to me.

I also have on a mother of pearl brooch that Bella of Citizen Rosebud gave me.
Not sure of its vintage either.

I suggest that you visit Sammy Davis Vintage who will give you the lowdown on authentic 30's styles.
Me, I got as close as I could. So can you! Link and tell!
PS: this was a total costume moment. I stayed on the back porch in this look.