Saturday, March 8, 2014

Shop Me, Help a Gal Out

Today is International Women's Day -- Girl Power!
I'll get right to the point, I'm asking for funds in this post.

IndieGoGo is running an International Women's Day promotion: they will add $1 for every $25 donated today. What am I talking about? Did you notice the appearance of a crowdfunding widget on my right sidebar? >>>>>>>>>>> 
I'm 19 days away from hitting the road for my On the Edge US project. I will be driving around the country solo until the end of May. That fact is starting to sink in. Lists are starting: wardrobe, art supplies, food, gear, etc. I'm pitching potentially useful items into a box. The suitcase comes out of storage today. I'm still working out the technical issues of the time-lapse component of the project (which is making me insane. It's a major part of it). Will I have to buy a new laptop? Maybe not, after all. What about 52 Pick-me-up? Ummmmm...

I have some cool perks lined up for it, and every little bit contributed will be helpful. The Wawa will get you a waterlogue road art print and get me a tank of gas (325 miles) -- almost a whole day's worth. (I'm planning on driving 350 - 425 miles per day).
I-605, South El Monte, digital watercolor, ©2014 Anne M Bray
Even a dollar will help. I'm serious!

Society6 is also currently running a sale that gets you FREE Shipping and $5 Off Each Item in my Shop only available from special links*. The promotion expires March 9, 2014 at Midnight Pacific Time.
Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert.

They run these promotions from time to time, but this is the first instance I've seen the free shipping/$5 discount combination. If you want something that you don't see (I've only uploaded Sacramento's 52 Pick-me-up sketch, for instance) leave me a request in the comments. You want your sketch on a mug? Leave a request below. I have to upload specifically sized files for the specialty items and I haven't bothered to do that for everything.

I have three shops, the special link for each is below the respective screenshot:

Anne the SpyGirl, fashion sketches (and a random Heart California print that belongs elsewhere)
*SpyGirl's special discount link

Pattern Recognition by Anne M Bray, patterned items
*Pattern Recognition's special discount link

Anne M Bray, artwork. This is where I'll post the Waterlogues as I get them processed.
(What is Cameron Silver's sketch doing there? I have no idea).
*Anne M Bray's special discount link

Did you notice how the fashion sketches are $10 cheaper?
I wanted to make those more affordable for you all -- I make $2 profit on the mini size, same for mugs.

In case you're baffled by too many options, adding a contribution to my IdieGoGo campaign would be the most helpful.
It runs through April 18th.

Did you read all the way through this? Thanks! Back to the regular fashion fun tomorrow...