Saturday, March 22, 2014

Island Fever on Top, Business Chic on Bottom

And a book in my hands!
*sunglasses frames c/o *DITTO
Yes, it's T3 (Thoughtful Third Thursday) time. I know, it's Saturday today. Call it T4: Tardy Thoughtful Third Thursday.

What came first, the outfit or the reading material? OK, I'll confess, I put together the outfit first. A weird mix of neutrals, if you remove the Hawaiian shirt. I found the deep purple tights in the bottom of my drawer which I thought went well with the red-cast navy in the shirt. I became very fond of the color over the course of the day. Alas, the elastic was fried, so it was their swan song. The shell necklaces are Hawaiian luau souvenirs from a fabulous trip to the Big Island in 2005.

"What's the book?" you ask?
Unsuitable for Ladies, by Jane Robinson
That's Osa Johnson on the cover in 1921. Isn't she the bee's knees?
The quote:
"This is not a proper travel book... it is an account of my best horror journeys, chosen from a wide range, recollected with tenderness now that they are past. All amateur travellers have experienced horror journeys, long or short, sooner or later, one way or another. As a student of disaster, I note that we react alike to our tribulations: frayed and bitter at the time, proud afterwards. Nothing is better for self-esteem than survival. ...We're not heroic like the great travellers but all the same we amateurs are a pretty tough breed. No matter how horrendous the last journey we never give up hope for the next one, God knows why." Martha Gelhorn, Travels with Myself and Another

It was a complicated process, but I'll just say this quote found me. Both this book and Martha's have been added to my mobile road trip library. I depart next Thursday! Keep current with the trip here. Pitch in some financial aid here -- every dollar much appreciated!

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