Thursday, June 23, 2011

Greetings from Portland Oregon!

While online at my pal Lisa's desk at the HQ of Pendleton, I discovered that I made the IFB Project Roundup list with the post about my grandmother's dress.

[the next day]

Here is what Nubia wrote:
[dead linked photo removed]
"The amazing thing for me about wearing something with sentimental value is the feeling I get while wearing it. It brings back a specific memory of when it was given to me and it’s a beautiful thing. Perhaps everyone doesn’t feel the same way I do, but I believe it’s essential to cherish the smaller things in life. I’d pick something with a lot of value to me over something designer with no problem."


  1. Lost in Translation: Check out the story behind this charm bracelet Linda’s mother gave her for her birthday.
  2. Mon article préféré: An elegant YSL perfume bottle gifted from a loving mother.
  3. A Hidden Treasure: A lovely rhinestone bracelet gifted by a great grandmother.
  4. IFB Project: Heirlooms and Matchy-Matchy: A classic nova check Burberry blouse.
  5. Jewelry Box Tattoos: An adorable jewelry box with many lovely pieces inside including a meaningful bracelet.
  6. A Treasure Story: A gorgeous brooch gifted by a grandmother.
  7. IFB Project: A Sentimental Value Item: A ruffled silk blazer handed down by a mother.
  8. Never Out of Fashion: Doc Marten’s handed down by a father.
  9. Old Hats: How to Have had a grandfather as a hat collector, check it out.
  10. Something from my Closet: Why I love Vintage: A gold sequined purse from a Dutch mother in law.
  11. IFB Project: Heirloom Tomato: A hand tailored dress from British Hong Kong
  12. The IFB Project: Whiskey Dogs: A classic whiskey dog brooch.
Thanks to those who participated and I hope to see more next week. To see all the entries from this weeks project you can check here. Check back Friday for our next project.