Thursday, June 2, 2011

shopping report: abbot kinney blvd, venice

Memorial Day.
After a lovely lunch at Lemonade (details here), Severo and I went for a "walk"
(as always, click on images to see bigger)
The Brig, now a hipster bar
dots @ zingaratrading
dots + aprons @ zingaratrading
clog heaven @ zingaratrading
the condom bus had a sticker that matched the bus
shabby chic window - love the stacks of vintage cake stands.
note: same color story as condom bus
more shabby chic
more vintage dots!
liked the detailing on the bodice, somewhat western in feel
happy shopper with new hat
"let's find a bright wall"
perfect! I'm ready for a vacation!
raffia rainbow hat made in Madascar, from Sunya Currie
mexican huipil from Folk Tree, Pasadena
yellow/red mystery fiber scarf from Patzquaro, Mexico craft market
the ubiquitous chinese sandals
black/silver "furry" purse $5 from precursor to Big Lots (what was it called?) Pic N Save

embellished with murakami pin from Giant Robot
SM Civic button
keys - including earplug holder